Children at Risk

The Worst Possible Location

Far From Downtown

The City of Sacramento is placed a homeless shelter, here, in suburban Arden & Carmichael. The homeless shelter  occupies the building vacated by the Space & Science Museum. The City is euphemistically calling the center a "respite center", "cooling and warning center", and "engagement center".

It will be within feet of the Children's Receiving Home.

This location is far from Downtown and City Hall. In fact, it is as far away as possible from Downtown - on the eastern-most boundaries of the City's land. This is within feet of Del Paso Regional Park. The homeless shelter will include 50-full time beds.

Near to Our Homes and Schools

The map below shows the proposed location of the homeless shelter. The red dot marks everything within 1/8 of a mile. This will be the City's "target" area of the homeless shelter.

The light red circle marks all the homes, businesses, and schools within 1 mile of the homeless shelter. This encompasses:

  1. Pasadena Avenue Elementary School
  2. Cowan Fundamental Elementary School
  3. Whitney Avenue Elementary School
  4. Mira Loma High School
  5. Arcade Fundamental Middle School.

The remaining circles mark ranges of 1.5 miles (dark orange), 2 miles (light orange), and 2.5 miles (yellow).

Children in Danger

The Children's Receiving Home

The Children's Receiving Home is a refuge for children from abusive or neglectful homes. The Home has served the children of Sacramento for decades - providing a safe haven from drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and violence.

Most of the children have suffered from physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. They are in desperate need for stability, love, and safety.

The presence of homeless population within feet of the Children Receiving Home could further traumatize the children.

The Threats

The homeless disproportionally suffer from drug addiction and mental illness. The homeless shelter doesn't offer any treatment. Sadly, in their current state, homeless can be a threat to themselves and others.

This includes the following problems that accompany homeless camps. 

  • Disease - human waste is often dumped into streams, pools, or other locations of convenience.
  • Needles and Drug Paraphernalia
  • Fires

Watch & Listen to the Experts

Charles Duckworth - Community Leader

The following clip is from the August 23, 2022 meeting of the Sacramento City Council. Charles Duckworth reports that he found over 20 used needles mere yards from the Children's Receiving Home.

City Tried to Create It Secretly

The City first attempted to open the homeless shelter without, first, warning Children's Receiving Home or the community. In fact, no one was warned.

" As detailed in our recent letter of opposition, we have grave concerns about the possible impact of this anticipated center on the youth in our care..."
  Kathleen Hamilton
Board of Directors of the Children's Receiving Home
Public comment Sacramento City Hall
January 3, 2022

As shocking as it sounds, Sacramento City Council attempted to create the site on "consent calendar". There was no debate. There were no public hearings.
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Damage Done

In less than a week after the homeless shelter opened, Arden & Carmichael experienced a spike in both homeless camps and crime. The warnings and pleas from the July 26, 2022 City Hall Meeting have come true. The following pictures were taken on October 4, 2022 in Del Paso Regional Park. This was shortly after the homeless shelter opened.


In addition, the following events have occurred due to the Homeless Shelter:

  • Fires in Del Paso Park. These fires caused by illegal camping in the nature reserve.
  • A rescued and beloved horse was brutally beaten. A mentally ill homeless man attacked the horse with a hammer. The horse survived, but required months of rehabilitation. The homeless man also killed the resident's pet chickens.
  • A woman was stalked to her home. The man would peer into her windows and would routinely drop his pants (as if he was to defecate) if approached.
  • Used needles were found in the in the children's play area.
  • Trash is routinely dumped along Del Paso Park and the homes in the area. 

The homeless desperately need help - to either treat drug addiction and/or debilitating mental illness. The City's policy, of abandoning homeless in the County, endangers not only at-risk children, the environment, and families, but also, the homeless themselves. There are real solutions to help the homeless; this is not one of them.