December 14, 2021: The Secret Plan

No One Was Warned - Deliberately

City Council Tried to Create It without Telling Anyone

On December 14th, the City Council attempted to create the homeless shelter on Consent Calendar. A "consent calendar" is a method of passing motions without debate, overview, or notification. Normally, this type of procedure is reserved for mundane actions - such as purchasing new office furniture. In addition, anytime the city spends over $1,000,000, the public is allowed to review it over a 10-day period. The City Council waived this requirement for an expenditure of over $3 million dollars. This means the City Council decided that the public didn't need to know.

As unbelievable as it seems, City Council attempted to create the Homeless Shelter without:

  1. Warning the Children's Receiving Home
  2. Warning the affected communities
  3. Holding any public debate or meetings
  4. Doing any analysis on the effects on crime & safety
  5. Doing any environmental analysis
  6. Allowing the people of Downtown Sacramento enough time to review a $3 million dollar contract.

The City is continuing to use this technique around Sacramento. Sites are being created and funded without warning the affected communities are having any form of public debate.

" If we just approve one site at a time, we're going to spend months negotiating, sometimes arguing, with a particular community..."
  Mayor Darrell Steinberg on why the public shouldn't be consulted or warned by the City.
Press Conference, August 4, 2021


The $3,418,371 Dollar Deal

  1. The City of Sacramento signed the lucrative three million dollar deal with the Hope Cooperative.
  2. The contract has already been signed before the communities of Arden or Carmichael were warned.
  3. The contract stated that guests would be referred by the City's Department of Community Response (DCR), local Park rangers, and the Sacramento County Department of Human Services (DHS). They would be bussed here.

Stopped Moments Before Passing

City Council nearly succeeded. But, they greatly underestimated the leadership and diligence of the Children's Receiving Home.

The Children's Receiving Home is a refuge for children from abusive or neglectful homes. The Home has served the children of Sacramento for decades - providing a safe haven from drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and violence.

The Children's Receiving Home had not been warned. No one had.

On December 13th, a day before the "vote", they were made aware of the City's plan.  With little time to spare, Michele Linton, Board President of the Children's Receiving Home, called into the City Council meeting, live, and forced it to be delayed.

The Children's Receiving Home

Kathleen Hamilton's Letter to City Hall

" As detailed in our recent letter of opposition, we have grave concerns about the possible impact of this anticipated center on the youth in our care and on our property, if the center is situated near our facility. As our concerns and questions have not been addressed, our Board of Directors opposes the siting of this proposed project at 3615 Auburn Blvd."
  Kathleen Hamilton
Board of Directors of the Children's Receiving Home
Public comment Sacramento City Hall
January 3, 2022

Michelle Linton's Letter to City Hall

" The Children's Receiving Home was not aware of Consent Item 10 until Sunday, December 13... We would like a chance to work through our concerns for the safety of our youth in care..."
  Michelle Linton
President of the Board of Directors of the Children's Receiving Home
Public comment to Sacramento City Hall
December 14, 2021

Michelle Linton Calls Into City Hall Live

The Immediate Aftermath

Councilmember Loloee Demands Transparency & Notification

" [to the City Manager] I just want to make sure that the Community is also engaged about this site. Because, again, we have to be very transparent with the Community."
  Sean Loloee
Sacramento City Councilmember - District 2
Sacramento City Hall Meeting
December 14, 2021

Video: Councilmember Sean Loloee Debates Mayor Steinberg

" We have to set aside our pride and our egos and acknowledge that fact that this is much bigger than the City of Sacramento can handle. And, unless we get help, from the County and our neighboring cities, we will not be able to help this vulnerable community that is struggling because we decided that 'we can fix this and we can prove everybody wrong'."
  Sean Loloee
Sacramento City Councilmember - District 2
Sacramento City Hall Meeting
December 14, 2021

" [The Homeless] are desperately in need of help. But within this community comes, unfortunately, addiction, mental health, which forces these vulnerable individuals to commit crimes.... But we also have to understand that these are not actions they are making by choice. Yet, they are forced. When you are an addict, the drug tells you what to do. You don't have a choice. When you're mentally ill, you don't make decisions on your own. Decisions are made that you don't have any control over."
  Sean Loloee
Sacramento City Councilmember - District 2
Sacramento City Hall Meeting
December 14, 2021

California Globe: Sacramento Crime Log Grows While Mayor Focuses on the "Unhoused"

" The City Council meeting was a circus, but city residents are paying attention. One local reported "residents and business advocates are finally starting to outnumber the enablers and advocates of situational justice" at the council meetings. And he noted that "the Mayor was yelling and scolding the heartless citizens in the crowd because they are not willingly sacrificing their quality of life."
  Katy Grimes, December 17, 2021
Reporter for the California Globe