July 26, 2022: City Ignores the Public

City Voted to Open the homeless shelter

Busing the City's Homeless Here

On July 26, 2022 the Sacramento City Council, once again took up the idea of putting a homeless shelter within feet of at-risk, traumatized, children.

The City's original plan, to open the site without telling the public was exposed on December 14, 2021, But, their plans, of moving the City's homeless to the County, were not abandoned.

Now, with this vote, the City can bus their "problem" homeless from the City to County neighborhoods. Homeless will be located within feet of the Children's Receiving Home (which rescues children from environments plagued by drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and violence).

Sadly, City Council decided to ignore the warnings of:

  • parents
  • business owners
  • child advocates and
  • homeless advocates

Desperate Voices Unheard

During the July 26, 2022 City Council Meeting, nearly a dozen people called in with desperate pleas and dire warnings about the homeless shelter.

They were all ignored.

 The following are audio clips of the desperate pleas from the public. The City ignored them, but their voices deserve to be heard. Their pleas matter. They matter.

John Herne   Juliette Porro   Samantha Bailey
Charles Duckworth   Cathy Cook   Tim Vendlinski
Brad Jones   Daphne   Crystal Sanchez
Bart Willis   David Jacobs