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Support the Children's Receiving Home

Children in Crisis

The City homeless shelter is located within feet of the Children's Receiving Home.

On the official website for the Children's Receiving Home, you can sign-up for news and information. Also, if you have any new toys or supplies that you think the children can use, please visit them at 3555 Auburn Ave. These children are escaping abuse, neglect, and other traumatic environments. They desperately need your love and support.

Donations for the Children

The Children's Home is always in need of:

  • Arts and Crafts: crayons, construction paper, chalk, etc..
  • Hygiene Products: shampoo, deodorant, hair ties, pads & tampons, etc...
  • General Items: new stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, headphones (wired), posters (inspirational and fun)
  • Footwear items: shower shoes, flip flops, new shoes (especially male 11-13 and female 8-10)
  • Gift cards (Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Five Below, etc....)
Click here for the Children's Receiving Home website

Contact Sacramento City Hall

Mayor Darrell Steinberg

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City of Sacramento
915 I Street, 5th Floor
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We are a collection of concerned citizens united in the hopes of saving Del Paso Regional Park, the Children's Receiving Home and our community.

Support Really Helping the Homeless

Any real solution needs to provide a, one-stop, wrap-around environment that treats the causes. The homeless disproportionally suffer from drug addiction and mental illness. Simply putting them in temporary housing, or just moving them around, does not address the root cause. The City's Homeless Plan will not work.

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